18 enero 2007

The best images from the air.

Many times al to change our angle, the things are not the one that seem. In the image of above, we can see forms from the air (to see gallery), that they would be impossible to observe in earth. Next, a route by some of the best images taken from the air:

1. With the feet in the Earth:

Skateboarding Through Water is one of the images pertaining to the gallery the 100 better photos of Skate in Flickr. In the image, a very skillful one skater for a taking while one moves on the water. In the following gallery of images, the subject is the espiraladas forms, in stairs, plants, in flowers, interesting. The first image, the peculiar "navel" of a plant. Second, stairs of the museum of the Vatican.

2. Taking distance.

Steve Christo works for the Sydney Morning Herald, of Australia. And one specializes in sport photographies. The image, makes really ask us of which it forms is located the photographer. In another one of its photos, an incredible angle on surfistas, gives like result "an aerial" image of surf imperdible. In addition, recently the photographer was awarded by one of his images in the aid of World Press Photo of the yeard.

3. With a "cable to earth"

Kite Aereal Photography is the used term to denominate to the aerial photography from kites or globes. In this image the thread of the kite can be seen clearly. Pages for fans as well as other galleries of aids of photos K.A.P. exist. In the gallery of Chun-Yen Chang, a Taiwanese, is a series with photos of a true professional. And for interested, one tends online to buy all the necessary one for this one liking. More images from a kite:

4. Without cable to earth: From a Globe.

The experiment is simple: from a globe rising photographies through two cameras are taken. One aiming at the horizon, and another one, downwards. As the globe moves away, the detail is lost, whereas the horizon becomes "immense more and more". (to see all the series of images)

5. High Flight. The Earth from the sky.

An incredible gallery by countries, proposes to see the Earth from an airplane, with excellent takings and very good explanations in each image. In three languages.

6. From very far: the era of the satellites

Images of the Sun: If there are images from an almost impossible angle, those images would be those of the sun.

In this one gallery taken from a satellite (more information)

Images from the Hubble: The famous Huble telescope, in orbit for already almost 17 years, has been offering the most incredible images from the space. Of the hundreds of images the Wired magazine chose the sixteen more impressive photos (to see all the gallery).

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